The Sherman, Texas Boys of Summer

East Sherman Baptist Church Team

Front row, left to right:  Roy May, Jimmy Wilson, Steven Allen Blake, batboy, Edward St. John.  Second row, kneeling, left to right:  Larry Clark, Dennis Bockman, John Williams, Garry Russell, Robert Oberdorf.  Back row, standing:  Leroy Blake, Andy Croswaite, Freddy Alley, Mike Richey, Scotty Brown, Vick Gotcher, C.E. Brown.

Fant Milling Company Farm Team

Front row, kneeling, left to right:  Kent Duke, Steve Warren, Mike Teague, Ronnie Capps, Mike Law, Jimmie Childs, Robert Mayo, Charles Forehand, Manager.  Back row, standing:  Ed McRoy, Bill Long, Tommie Hall, Dickie Robinett, Crie Summerfelt, Ronnie Cooper, Sargent Duke, Manager.

Fant Milling Company Main Team

Front row, sitting left to right:  Louis Mexia, John Dent, Mike Young, Rick Pelley, Jeff Barnes.  Back row, standing left to right:  Mr. Charles Casteel, Assistant Manager, Don Harvey, George Kamenicky, Bob Rowland, Bill King, Bill Casteel, Larry Bernard, Henry Mexia, Manager.

Grayson County State Bank Team

Left to right, front row, Butch Standefer, James Franklin, Bucky Bell, Gerald Lyday, Ronald Johnson; second row, A.G. Gailey, Ass't Manager; Charles Keith, Tommy Gailey, Don Barnes, Joel Brown, Doyle Reynolds, Bob Elliot, manager.

The Kiwanis Club Team

Left to right, front row, Dick Vaughan, Earl Wiggins, Larry Fowler, Jimmy Thompson; second row, Mike Kumler Kenneth Wible, Larry Cain, Ronnie Adams; back row, Jerry Parish, Marvin Fulenchek, Billy Jack Portman, Chuck Parkham, Benny Gleaves, James Jackson, L.W. Jackson

K P Team

Front sitting, Finis Wood.  Second row kneeling, left to right:  Jeff Crossland, Ronny James, Don White, A.D. Bateman, Ronny Bostwick, Ronny Waldo.  Back row:  Richard Mode, Jerry Ashlock, Marvin Jaresh, Don Dickey, Donn Dodd, Larry Alexander, Don Smith, Jim Christian.

American Legion Junior League Team

Front row, sitting, left to right:  Pat Calhoun, Sam Moore.  Second row, kneeling, left to right:  Mike Hicks, Robbie Walker, Teddy Chesshir, Mike Calhoun, Maurice Price, Charles Williams, Coach.  Back row, standing, left to right:  Jimmie Tyler, Jack Prichard, Ned Ireland, Guy Tucker, Wayne Daughterty, Don Bell, Billy Calhoun, Coach

American Legion Youth League Team

Front row, sitting Leroy Griswell, Jodie Shelton.  Second row, kneeling, Jerry McKnight, Terry Kilgore, Stanley Thomas, David Crowder, Dale Howard, Izzy Aleman.  Back row standing:  Kenneth Thomas, manager, Knight Hughes, Johnny Lewis, Dennis Hill, Larry Smith, Gail Mote, R.L. Smith, assistant manager

Line Material Industries Farm Team

Front row kneeling, left to right:  Mike Colum, Johnnie Taylor, Howard Horn, Jerry Jaco, Terry Mitchell, David Williams.  Back row standing, left to right:  Lloyd Colum, manager, Danny Horn, James Hull, Don Colum, Robert Williams, Terry Dudley, Alley Fay Parker, Bobby Allen, R.M. Williams, assistant manager.

Line Material Industries Main Team

Front row, kneeling, left to right:  Jerry Patterson, Ronnie Yost, Mike Harrel, David Aleman, Ralph Partlon, Ronnie Mitchell, batboy.  Back row, standing, left to right:  Osia Alley, manager; Billy Mitchell, Larry Mathis, David Warren, Larry Yost, Robby Crow, Hank Sory, J.B. Yost, assistant manager

Optimist Farm Team

Front row kneeling, left to right:  C.W. Guffey, Larry Lamoslaux, Larry Marr, Gary Martin, Johnnie Matthews, Bill Elliot.  Back row standing, left to right:  Ralph Elliot, score keeper, Darrell Perkins, David Lyday, David Todd, Don Mathews, Richard Barrett, C.L. Marr, coach.

Optimist Main Team

Front row kneeling:  Jim Maxwell, Kirk May, Richard Barrett, Kenny Calhoun, Eugene Knox.  Back row, standing:  Bill Calhoun, Manager, Weldon Skipworth, Frankie Tyler, Ronald Barker, Greg Easley, Mike Carpenter, Clyde Marr.

Rotary Club's Junior League Team

Front:  Bat-boy Mike Ramey; Front row, sitting, left to right:  Woody Gilliam, Jerry Mullins.  Second row, kneeling, left to right:  Billy Bob Mize, Mike Wible, Gary Burks, Larry Williams, Louis Holmes, Harley Skidmore, Harold Edwards.  Back row, standing, left to right:  Coach Winfred Massagee, Claude Binkley, Don Williams, Robert Higginbotham, John Suddereth,Joe Edward, Dale Dingley, coach, Jerry Wells.

Sherman Concrete, Inc. Team

Front row sitting, left to right:  Billy Henderson, Clifton Poet.  Second row kneeling, left to right:  Robert Galbreth, Abel Aleman, David Stockslager, Jackie Baker, Blair Andrews, Roy Bennett, Ray Hall.  Back row, standing, Richard Artiz, Roger Howard, Kenneth Bennett, Terry Shadid, Jody Clark, Pat Markham, Ross Harrer, and Ernest Shadid, manager.

Sherman Savings and Loan Team

Front row kneeling.left to right, Bert Williams (mascot) Steve Young, Tommie Richardson, Bill Yowell, John Kippar, Ken Perrin, Troy Dale Jaco (mascot).  Second row, standing:  Herb Williams, assistant coach, Mike Cooper, Terry Green, George Cox, Bill Gafford, Marcus Pritchett, Glen Jaco, Manager

Texas Power & Light Farm Team

Front row sitting left to right:  Pat Thomas, Steve Woodson.  Second row kneeling left to right:  Mike Carter, T.J. Graham, Mike Woodson, Mike Thomas, Jamie McDonnald, Harry Stout.  Back row standing, left to right, Jim Thomas, assistant coach, Tommy Erickson, Sammy Scroggins, Donnie Wendell, Lindy Roberts, Clayton Parker, Tommie Martin, Glen Parham, Harry Woodson, coach

Texas Power & Light Main Team

Front row kneeling, left to right:  Johnnie Hines, Randy Stout, Weldon Highfill, Allen Haddox, Forrest Robinson Jr.  Back row, standing, left to right.  J.R. Hash, Coach Basil Dulaney, Gus Hardey, Donald Lee Roe, Tommy Fryhover, Len George

Veterans of Foreign War's Farm Team

Front row, kneeling, left to right:  Darrell Spraggins, Ronnie Schnitker, Allan Keller, Aubrey Henderson, Mike Sampson, Richard Keller.  Back Row, standing:  Jack Morris, Garry Spraggins, Mike Brooks, Bill Kassinger, David Halls, Guy Hall, Mike Franklin, David Lynch, Dicky McCarty, Mr Charles Keller, Coach

Veterans of Foreign War's Main Team

Front row, kneeling, left to right:  Pat Smith, Mike Camp, Larry Ashlock, Larry, Smith, Ronnie Perry, John Toimasino, James Lynch.  Back row, standing, Bill Green, Coach, Bob Brooks, Jimmy Smith, Jerry Ritchie, Rodger Mercer, Jerry Howard, Eddie Reid, Charles Dingley.



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