The Vice President Has a Reputation

You have aligned yourself with the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracist.  You are growing increasingly uncomfortable thinking that the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracist homies are moon bat crazy hell bent on destroying one of the greatest nations ever known to man.  I suggest you watch this Glenn Beck interview by Bill O’Reilly.

There is something seriously wrong with the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracist Algore and his ilk.  The technical description is “moon bat crazy.”  Some of the symptoms of moon bat crazy:

  • Refusing to develop American petroleum resources while sending millions to other nations to do the same.
  • Standing idly by while Cuba is drilling for oil in the Florida Straits with Russian and Chinese participation.
  • Throwing away billions of tax dollars on green energy projects.
  • Destroying the coal energy.
  • Refusal to control national debt of $16.5 trillion and rapidly climbing.
  • Refusing to discuss honestly the need for entitlement reform.
  • Sending arms and millions to Arab nations who hate us.
  • Trashing the Constitution as “out of date.”
  • Attempting to circumvent the Second Amendment.

There is much, much more too numerous to list.  The moon bat crazy pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracist and repugnicans (RINOs) are hell bent on taking the ship to the bottom.  Do not go down with a bunch of loony moon bats, jump ship.  It is never too late to confess, “Hey I was born in a great country and there was no need for drastic change at the expense of the Constitution.”

The Vice President does have a reputation.  He is certainly one of the loony moon bat crazies of whom I speak


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