The Republicans’ Golden Opportunity

President George H.W. Bush nominated Senator John Tower in 1989 to be his Secretary of Defense. Despite his status as a former twenty-four year member of the Senate club his nomination was rejected 53-47. The reasons given were concerns about his personal life especially womanizing and alcohol abuse.

Now we have Senator John Kerry coming forward as the probable choice of President Obama to be Secretary of State. I cannot recall any allegations of womanizing or drunkenness being levied against the Senator. He is best known for being a friend of Hanoi, enemy of the Armed Forces and a violator of the Logan Act. I do not propose that these are disqualifying factors for nomination to be the next Secretary of State.

Very simply his nomination should be blocked to show the demoracists that 1989 has not been forgotten. The demoracists need to understand that when republicans put their mind to it they can be as petty and vindictive as are the demoracists

The pseudo-intellectual progressive liberals never seemed to have a problem with Senator Ted Kennedy’s (the Chappaquiddick swimmer) epic womanizing and drinking lifestyle. The former First Prevaricator, William Jefferson Clinton, was way too busy womanizing to drink. His right to immorality in his private life was vociferously defended by his pseudo-intellectual progressive liberal apologists. If Tower was “guilty” as charged, he was certainly judged by a double standard.

The ultimate option for blocking Senator Kerry’s appointment will be the filibuster. Use it against Kerry and continue it against any Senate legislation that is anything other than necessary legislation to pass a budget as required by law. The Senate has not passed a budget bill since April 29, 2009. The scofflaw Harry Reid absolutely refuses to follow the law.

One thousand plus days since a Senate budget and our economy is in a shambles, we have additional $4.1 trillion in deficits, looming huge cuts to the military and there is a threat in the coming year to tax the middle class to unprecedented levels. Middle class, do you really believe that raising taxes on the one percent (new talking point is two percent) is going to get us out of our economic morass? This is delusional thinking at its worse. The middle class being stripped of their wealth on their way to poverty will not solve the problem. When they finally collapse the economy, we will achieve the socialist progressive liberals dream of a classless, poor population all equal in a shared misery.

The republican establishment also needs to get in touch with their inner Tea Party and not go along with the demoracists scheme for massive tax increases. This will discredit and sink the republican party. The republicans are all too willing to allow the lame stream to define them (and the Tea Party) rather than taking a strong, principled conservative stand. Principles have been sadly lacking in the party since the progressive liberals gained control of the party.

There are no compromises in Washington nor is there any collegiality between the demoracists and the republicans. These (compromise, collegiality) are code words for “sucker punch.” You do see it coming don’t you? Take advantage and take the lead.

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