Can You Believe There is a Problem Here

This table below is from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Height (inches): 69.4
Weight (pounds): 194.7
Waist circumference (inches): 39.7

Height (inches): 63.8
Weight (pounds): 164.7
Waist circumference (inches): 37.0

It seems that the United States Marine Corps has a serious personnel problem. The USMC longs to enhance their combat power by adding female infantry officers to the mix. They managed to scrape up two female volunteers out of a grand total of 80 female officers considered qualified for Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course to start training.

Read the article Few female Marines step forward for infantry

The article did not say as much but I suspect that tests including lifting a 72-pound machine gun above their heads while wearing a 71-pound rucksack, marching 12 miles in less than five hours carrying a 71-pound rucksack and evacuating a mock casualty weighing about 200 pounds may have play a wee small role in the matter of both women dropping out of training.

Skip to the end where Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James F. Amos is quoted as saying his fact based research will allow him to say, ““I’ll be able to look Congress, secretary of defense, secretary of the Navy in the eye and say, ‘Sir, this is my recommendation when we’re all through.’”

Yes, General, and the geniuses on Capitol Hill are going to look you in the eye and tell you to keep changing the standards until women are equal and qualified. That is what has been going on for the past several decades anyway.


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