The Religion of Peace This Week in the News

Terry Jones, Florida pastor who  burned the Koran, among those sentenced to death by Egyptian court

The decision by the  high court is largely seen as symbolic since Jones doesn’t live in Egypt and  neither do the seven Egyptian Coptic Christians also tried in absentia. Some of  them are linked to the controversial film that sparked deadly riots across the  Muslim world in September.

Anti-Shiite violence rises in Pakistan as Islam’s sectarian divide moves beyond the Middle East

KARACHI —          More members of Pakistan’s Shiite Muslim religious minority were killed by Sunni Muslim extremists this year than in any previous year, a development that could further destabilize this key U.S. ally and draw it into the widening Shiite-Sunni conflict that up to now has been manifest primarily in Middle Eastern countries.

Pakistani Taliban call girl’s shooting ‘obligatory,’ saying she spread secular ideas

ISLAMABAD —         Doctors treating a 14-year-old girl shot in the head by Islamist militants because she dared to advocate schooling for girls said Wednesday that they hoped she would make a full recovery from her wounds after nightlong surgery to remove the bullet.

Honour killings put UPA govt in a spot

Faced with public outrage over the alleged honour killing of a 29-year-old Muslim  in Uttar Pradesh, the Centre on Tuesday said it was serious about tackling the menace. However, its efforts so far seem to have failed to convince nearly half the states in the country. “We have asked for a report from the state governments. This is something we have taken very seriously,” minister of state for home RPN Singh said.

He said the government is “very seriously trying” to amend the constitution to deal with growing incidents of honour killings across the country.


Easy to Understand This One

“One man with a gun can control 100 without one. ” –Vladimir Lenin

Care to speculate why the pseudo-intellectual progressive liberal mindless twits set see gun control as an end all cure all for everything that they believe wrong in this country today? Diane Feinstein again wants to ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines & pistol grips.

Read more: Feinstein Looks To Push Ban On Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines & Pistol Grips  They can regulate the size of your soda waters, promote ridiculous school lunch menus and other minor assaults on personal freedoms without barely a whimper from the objects of their derision. Try to control guns, parental rights, religious freedom and other such serious freedoms they know will have citizens looking for their Winchesters. They know they simply cannot control us, make us live in a way that we do not want without a force of arms.

If they take away our guns to control us who will be behind the guns of the state? Who will the state call to arms to use the guns of the state to intimidate, bully and, if necessary kill disgruntled citizens? You can be assured it will not be the faithful sitting in church or synagogue that actually follow the Ten Commandments. The state will have to put sociopaths and criminals behind those guns. Who else would be willing to slay their fellow citizens in the name of the state to maintain a socialist state?  The UN?


Can You Believe There is a Problem Here

This table below is from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Height (inches): 69.4
Weight (pounds): 194.7
Waist circumference (inches): 39.7

Height (inches): 63.8
Weight (pounds): 164.7
Waist circumference (inches): 37.0

It seems that the United States Marine Corps has a serious personnel problem. The USMC longs to enhance their combat power by adding female infantry officers to the mix. They managed to scrape up two female volunteers out of a grand total of 80 female officers considered qualified for Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course to start training.

Read the article Few female Marines step forward for infantry

The article did not say as much but I suspect that tests including lifting a 72-pound machine gun above their heads while wearing a 71-pound rucksack, marching 12 miles in less than five hours carrying a 71-pound rucksack and evacuating a mock casualty weighing about 200 pounds may have play a wee small role in the matter of both women dropping out of training.

Skip to the end where Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James F. Amos is quoted as saying his fact based research will allow him to say, ““I’ll be able to look Congress, secretary of defense, secretary of the Navy in the eye and say, ‘Sir, this is my recommendation when we’re all through.’”

Yes, General, and the geniuses on Capitol Hill are going to look you in the eye and tell you to keep changing the standards until women are equal and qualified. That is what has been going on for the past several decades anyway.


Fascinating Piece from Pravda

The teaser got my attention.  It was “PRAVDA: Obama re-elected by illiterate society.”  Everyone has their opinion about the demographics of the election and this is certainly one of them.  The author’s name is Xavier Lerma.  Pravda published his essay, but I chose to link Obama’s Soviet Mistake to Mr. Lerma’s Blog.  I love the picture there of Hussein and Soros.  I do not believe those big grins mean well for any of us.

There are numerous points in the opinion piece ripe for further argument and discussion.  He says that he speaks American English and Russian.  He lives in Moscow.  His perspective is as a conservative Christian.  I want to find out more about this man.

What do you think about the article?



I Find It All Very Taxing

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” — Vladimir Lenin

I have decided that I must have a “lens” to properly examine the politics and culture of our times. I am very fond of my distant cousin Thomas Jefferson and all of Our Founding Fathers. That would seem to be the obvious choice of those who are passionate patriots and supporters of our Nation, our Constitution and our foundational Judeo-Christian beliefs. “Lens” considered and cast aside. It would be difficult and quite the stretch to use the writers of our Founding documents to understand those who would shred the Constitution, create economic chaos, and trample the religious rights of the citizens of this nation.

Then there was my epiphany of the day. Today I was researching in order to verify if the quote ““..socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state” was actually made by Vladimir Lenin. There was the “lens” right in front of my very eyes. When I find the current news of politics and culture disturbing, I will seek enlightenment through a selected quote of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, or both.  I shall begin my post with a “lens” of Vladimir Lenin or Karl Marx.  That will allow us to clearly focus on what is going on in front of our eyes.

Considering the Lenin quote above realize that some try to define bourgeoisie as strictly being the “middle class.”  Vladimir Lenin saw two classes in society the bourgeoisie (those who have property) and the proletariat (those who have no property). Let me clarify that the preceding was my simplification for the sake of argument.  Lenin’s view of Russia limited the proletariat to those who labored in factories. Perhaps those definitions are a little rough around the edges given today’s circumstances. Government assistance can provide all with property without the indignity of actually working in a factory or joining the labor force in any capacity.

Karl Marx additionally categorized the lumpenproletariat as those workers marginally employed, or, unemployed, beggars, criminals, or paupers.  Food stamps are a carte blanche entry document for this class in today’s America. The real growth class in America today is the lumpenproletariat.

Lenin’s quote as a “lens” offers a clearer view and understanding of what this article is all about, Examiner Editorial: If top 5% paid 40% of taxes, what is their ‘fair’ share?  America beware of going after the pseudo-intellectual progressive liberal mindless twits’ favorite straw man, “the people who make over $250,000 a year.”  You will begin to understand the invisible tie that binds our American middle class to that straw man when that tie pulls you into the millstone right behind them.  Poverty is so much easier to manage for evil means than citizens with financial resources.

Would it be possible to look to Karl Marx for hope and comfort as ironic as that may sound?

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. — Karl Marx

America did you fail to take notice of the tragedy of tens of millions consumed by communism and its multitude of failures in the Twentieth Century?  I pray not.  It will be a blessing indeed, if it is only a farce that we are facing politically today.  It will be an additional blessing if the farce does not turn lethal on us.


He’s B-a-a-a-c-k

On or after November 16, 2011 , something awful happened. Late one night I very foolishly did some site maintenance while I was very sleepy. The outcome was I destroyed totally two of my websites and severely damaged a third. My best advice is to not do site maintenance when you should be in bed.

I now have two of the three websites restored and hope to have the final one, The Really Big Tree, up with in the week. I am a real glutton for punishment so last week I registered a fourth website. I am keeping it under wraps for now.

I have to go watch Texas A&M now, but I am really looking forward to getting back with my blog.