Fire Bob Beckel! Fire Bob Beckel!

I was visiting the Christian Coalition website to sign the Pray and Vote Pledge, Very simply here is the pledge.

Simply put, we ask that you pledge to:

  1. Pray about the coming elections
  2. Vote on Election Day
  3. Help educate others by receiving and distributing voter guides!

 The voting guides have been infamous for years. Voting guides are nothing more than a truthful report of the voting records of sitting politicians.  The problem is that truth shining on politicians is like sun shining on vampires.

While at the site I followed a news link to this story “Donald Trump is right:  Fox News Should Fire Bob Beckel.”

Bob Beckel clearly has gone way over quota for profanity laced comments.  While his loose tongue would clearly be sufficient to can a conservative it is insufficient to dismiss a liberal.  It is a known fact that liberal’s goals are noble, their hearts pure and their hands in constant motion doing their good deeds.  That will earn a pass every time.  Conservatives on the other hand have a dark heart, kick puppies and don’t believe there are free lunches.  They deserve to be fired,

I won’t be jumping on the “Fire Bob” bandwagon.  It is very difficult to “like” Bob he is such an irritating progressive liberal mindless twit.  I can’t understand anyone so blindly political that they refuse to see the truth and reality of certain situations and drone on ignoring truth and reality.

What if Fox News fired Bob Beckel and replaced him with the prig’s prig Alan Coombs?  What a disaster that would be for the viewership.  Coombs is the polar opposite of the lively and entertaining Beckel.  Plus Beckel has serious real world experience in politics.  Sometimes his observations are like the burning bush speaking.  Beckel listeners have to be adept at separating the wheat from the chaff and not stepping in that stuff on the stable floor.

The reality of “The Five” is that it may end up as a time filler destined to fade.  While its charmingly chaotic format is very entertaining plugging it in to Glenn Beck’s old slot is like trying to plug a basketball hoop with a tennis ball.  I do not believe it will last.  Fox News will still have the even more charmingly chaotic “Redeye” with the brilliant Greg Gutfield.

I hope to continue to see Bob Beckel on the Fox News Channel.