Hoo-rah, Ya Gotta Love This Guy

I have always liked this guy ever since I saw “Full Metal Jacket”. He reminded me of a kinder, gentler Drill Sergeant Oberdorf. I am glad to see that I am in full agreement with the gunny about the nightmare in the White House.

This video piqued my interrest in Ermey. I located his bio on his website, very interesting. Hoo-rah for Ermey!

Merry Christmas to All

Last night Bubbette and I were shopping at a local food store. They were playing actual Christian Christmas Carols. I don’t know how that got by management. It certainly was a pleasant experience.

It was only marred by the cake pan labeled “holiday tree.” The politically correct marketplace is an insult to Christian Americans who comprise a clear majority in this nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Here is Billy Graham’s Christmas message,

Acceptable Censorship – for Progressives


The FCC today voted “to protect consumer,” whether necessary or not. I wish someone would vote to protect us from Steve Jobs.

Know what else Steve Jobs is irrational about?

7: Flash   Steve Jobs has made it clear that he hates Adobe Flash and doesn’t want it on the iPhone or iPad. I’m not a big fan of Adobe myself, but there are just too many Web sites out there that rely on Flash, and the lack of support for it can make browsing the Web with an iPad a frustrating experience.” – ZDNet