“Folks Haven’t Been Reading Their Bible” – Hussein

Hey Hussein! I read my Bible everday. I pray for you as well. I fervently pray that you will not have damaged our country too severely prior to your exit in two years. It will be a happy day when you join the former worst President ever, Jimmy Carter, in the dust bin of history.

President Carter limited his destruction to the economy. When it comes to destruction of the economy you make President Carter seem like an incompetent amateur. Hussein is also taking a shot at undermining the effectiveness of our Armed Forces. Throw in attempts to destroy and undermine our Judeo-Christian culture Hussein has set the bar impossibly high for any future Presidents wanting to become the worst President ever.

Hussein Gets Tough on Immigration?

OK, OK, it was all an innocent mistake. Hussein would never get tough on immigration, not on purpose anyway. Ms. Caroline Jamieson wrote a letter to Hussein pleading for his assistance in her husband’s immigration problem. After all Hussein’s aunt, Ms. Zeituni Onyango, seemed to have had smooth sailing to a grant of asylum.

It is not like Ms. Jamieson is the Republican Governor of Arizona requesting Obama enforce existing law. The irony is that Ms. Jamieson probably felt as ill treated as Governer Brewer when ICE knocked on her door to arrest her husband, Herve Fonkou Takoulo, a native of Cameroon.

The man was quickly released when a newspaper inquired. ICE immediately dazzled the bleachers with “zero tolerance,” yada, yada “violations of civil rights,” yada, yada “lawful correspondence,” yada, yada. There would be reviews, investigations, etc., etc. Call in ” ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security.” Will we see a Presidential culpa mea?

Just an afterthought. I wonder if the full majesty of Hussein’s regime, I.C.E., ICE’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security has been brought to bear on the murder of Arizona Rancher, Robert Krentz Jr.? I suspect the answer is no.

Election 2010

I would love to kickback and enjoy a long, leisurely summer.  This summer the National Debt Gorilla is casting a huge 13 trillion dollar shadow over any thoughts of  summer fun.  The thought of the coming November election does offer some anticipatory joy this summer.  I am hoping that we will be able to catch Washington’s attention.

This Issue Refuses to Go Away

Why won’t this issue go away? Why is there not an election law requiring that candidates for the Presidency produce proof of birth in this nation? That would seem to be the simplest of requirements. I have my birth certificate and I don’t mind producing it for legitamate requests. What’s the problem with that Hussein?  We will show you ours if you will show us yours.

Suddenly It All Got Too Easy

When it became apparent that Barack Hussein would become the candidate of the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal wing of the demoracist party I started losing interest in blogging. The nomination of John McCain put a cap on it for sure. America was confronted with wrong and wronger possibilities for the direction of our nation. I held my nose and voted for John McCain. Kind of like being given a choice of drugs for the lethal injection.

Barack Hussein represents an impossible to miss target. His foibles were like George Bush’s in spades. The media utterly and totally ignored every single negative associated with Barack Hussein and his campaign. If I were to get started on the man I would probably end up using buckets of vitriol on him. Like what they did to President Bush.

I did not like what was done to President Bush not because I was a rabid supporter. Not because we are distant cousins. I disliked it because the methods were wrong. I did not see a glimmer of logic and reason in any of it. It is practically mortal sin in my estimation to ignore reality’s discernment through logic and reason.

Now here comes the darling of the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal mindless twit set Helen Thomas. I am not sure of the basis of her intellectual problems because of her advanced age. The younger generation of the media has obviously been tainted by a poor miseducation at one of our many pseudo intellectual progressive liberal institutions of higher ignorance. Whatever the source of her ignorance, this You Tube clip is a real laugher.

These people drive me crazy. Here in the south we have a long history of acceptance of our Jewish brothers in our communities. The South’s Hero, General Robert E. Lee, stood up for his Jewish officers and men to quash any hint of prejudice against them. The Christian faith of Southerners demands that we honor Israel. It is not an option. Genesis 12: 3 tells us that God will honor those who honor Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

Out of all the negatives of the Barack Hussein regime the one that disturbs me the most is his policies toward Israel. Israel is the one and only reliable ally that we have in the global hotbox of the Middle East. There is no upside for America in treating Israel like an evil step child. Barack Hussein bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. What purpose did that serve? If he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia he should be kissing a part of Netanyahu’s anatomy that I will not mention. We need Israel as an ally and friend far more then we need any Arab petty potentate.

I am holding out for this country receiving a huge dose of reality. With the national debt increasing at $5 billion dollars a day and a world fast realizing Barack Hussein is totally inept that dose should be hitting any moment now. It is a shame that decent hard working Americans will bear the brunt of the bad outcomes of Barack Hussein’s ineptness.

I am off to my backyard vegetable garden now for I am the Candide of the Southside. Perhaps Barack Hussein will lead me to backyard chickens.

“Excellently observed,” answered Candide; “but we must cultivate our garden.”