Are You Smarter Than a Cass Sunstein?

Cass doesn’t think you are that is why he wants to guide and assist you in forming your own opinions. His boss, Hussein, believes that it is difficult to get on the correct side of an issue without an open mind visit to the Huffington Post as well as your favorite vast right wing conspiracy site. Cass thinks such cross pollination should be voluntary, but, is willing to make it mandatory in the name of fairness. Now isn’t that special?

Hussein’s Muslim Faith

This video has been viewed 2,172,045 times as I post it here. That is about 100 million times short of how many times it needs to be viewed by voters. My next act will be to forward my e-mail list a link to this page. Spread the word my friends.

The Administration’s mindless twit Press Secretary

Robert Gibbs is a consensus progressive liberal mindless twit. Notice I do not think he is a pseudo intellectual. I do not think he has sufficient grasp of the concept of intellect to presume to be a pseudo intellect.

What I really like the most about this video is the two times that the camera was turned towards Wendall Goler. The sober faces around him speak volumes about the situation. What do you see? Fear, will I be next? Shame, Gibbs is a journalist like us? Bitterness, could I be on Miami Beach rather than sitting here listening to this hare brain.