Critical Arizona Demogogue Shortage

NOTE: Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D-IL) was born in Chicago to American citizens from Puerto Rico. He is a supporter of immigrant rights and Puerto Rican independence. His alliance with the Richard Daly Jr. Chicago machine was the key backing allowing Gutierrez to win election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

One recent poll suggested that 70% of Arizonians support recently passed Arizona State Legislature bill SB 1070 for state enforcement of existing immigration law. People are so passionate about the issue, on either side of the issue, I don’t understand why out of state Congressman Luis Gutierrez, (D-IL) was called in to demogogue the issue.

Congressman Gutierrez suggested to the audience, and the world, that they boycott the Grand Canyon State. Why not wreak some damage on Arizona while the issue plays out in the courts, elections and other democratic processes? Now that could hurt if people lose all interest in visiting the Grand Canyon. I briefly fantasized about “boycott Chicago,” but, came back to reality with a solid “what’s the point?” I have no plans on visiting Chicago. I know no one with plans to visit Chicago. I don’t know why someone would visit Chicago.

I do know someone I wish would return to Chicago to stay. When that happens it will be a banner moment for our country. Actually if Hussein were to go to Hawaii, or Chicago, to stay, either way it will be a happy day for America.

Dear Arizona,

……….I have checked, and double checked, to absolutely confirm that I live in the Great State of Texas. That being true I hope that you are not disappointed if I do not pontificate on the affairs of the State of Arizona.

I understand that your legislature has sent an immigrant control bill to your governor. I hope all that works out for you. I have heard that there is significant support for the bill by the citizens of Arizona.

Today I also heard from the opposition, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). He is from Illinois. Is Rep. Gutierrez some type of consultant for the state government? How does that work? There is not enough people’s business in the State of Illinois to keep him busy? How does he know so much about the needs of the State of Arizona? Is Rep. Gutierrez a former citizen of Arizona?

I just don’t get it. Perhaps someone can explain it to me. I hope everyone is OK with those of us who could care less about what the people of the State of Arizona want to do. I will paraphrase Thomas Jefferson by observing that it don’t break my leg or pick my pocket so I deon’t care.

We Thank Thee Obama

I have never understood ignorant people who exhibit arrogant presumption of intellect. I say ignorant because Hussein is college educated and probably can read about history and current events yet he is hell bent for leather in destruction of the American Way of Life. How can he fail to have noticed the collapse of communism? Does he not know that socialist countries throughout Europe face collapse and financial ruin? Does he really, really think there are no problems with national health care in England and Canada?

Of course Hussein is aware of all the problems and failures of communism/socialism. Hussein is convinced that the key is his superior intellect and charisma will overcome all problems. He does seem to think there will be no 2010 bloodbath (like 1994) because, he said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’

Polatik Music Video from the Tea Party Express Tour

Please check out this great video from the first week and a half of the tour of the Tea Party Express…note Darla Dawald is one of the dancers…lol

David Saucedo is POLATIK, a 26 year old Texan who has gone from convict to community leader in three short years. An inspiring American story, David’s troubled childhood and prison sentence have taught him the hard life lessons that today make him a respected husband, father, teacher, mentor and rapper. — Darla, ADMIN / National Director

RightNetwork — April 10, 2010 — Polatik Music Video on the Tea Party Express III Tour. Find more at
RightNetwork launches on TV, Web and Mobile in the summer of 2010.

Hiwa Alaghebandian, Gesundheit

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. She did say she lived in Germany. This lady is dy-no-mite. I can see her going places. Educated, articulate and willing to get out there and take a stand.

My guess is that she is either Iranian or Armenian. Whatever she probably wasn’t born here, but, she certainly seems to “get it” as opposed to the cluelessness of a whole boatload of homegrown pseudo intellectual progressive liberal mindless twit politicians.

Another lady that I am sure the left will grow to hate every bit as much as Sarah Palin.

Startling Archaeological Discovery

Frantic phone calls went out to George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, Jimmy Carter and many other head up the lower rectal casing housing area old school demoracist party hacks to make sure they were still alive.

This skeletal discovery now has political scientists believing that this demoracist’s peculiar affliction goes back much further than the late sixties and even beyond the New Deal era.  It is suspected that since the skeleton was found in a shallow grave the deceased was part of a failed demoracist grass roots movement.

The remains are currently in a Washington, D.C. closet.