Another 101,000 Reasons to Throw the Bums Out

These people find ways to waste money while wasting money.  How about this story about the travels of Queen Pelosi, and her court,  Taxpayers pay $101,000 for Pelosi’s in-flight ‘food, booze’-Speaker’s trips ‘are more about partying than anything else’

Queen Pelosi and her court are so intoxicated with power I don’t understand the need for liquor.  Perhaps the alcohol makes it easier to stomach Washington’s First Harridan.

Writing To Rep. Charles Gonzalez, Again

Are you starting to listen yet to your constituents yet?  Have you heard of Massachusetts?  We don’t want government controlled health care.  The intrusion of the Federal government into the private lives of citizens is unacceptable.  It is actually unconstitutional.

I know that you believe in a living constitution that needs to morph with the times.  I sat in your town hall meeting and heard you say that.  I knew that there were people who believed that, but, I had never heard someone say that to my face.  I found it shocking.

I spend my days reading about 18th century America, the colonies, the politics and the daily life.  I am amazed by the depth of intellect and serious belief in God.  Where would we be without them and their beliefs?  The Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, wrote our sacred documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights) for the ages.  The Constitution was written to keep the Government and ambitious politicians in check.  It was not written to control the lives of free men.  Please read it again.

My distant cousin, Thomas Jefferson, would find the idea of a “living constitution” offensive.  He would see it for what it is exactly – vain men, limited by the greatest expression of freedom ever written, seeking to subjugate their fellow citizens.

I urge you to review our Constitution and the timeless writings of our Founding Fathers.

It’s Like the First Day…..

It’s like the first day of the rest of our “national” life.  Birds are singing, skies are blue, and a vestige of sanity has reared its head in Massachusetts.   Massachusetts saving the rest of us, now there is a turn-around.  Remarkably our man comes riding into town in a pick-up truck.  Who would have thought they have pick-ups in Massachusetts.

They say that it was Martha Coakley’s political ineptness that loss the race. Perhaps, I am not from Massachusetts and I know how to spell Massachusetts and I know who Curt Schilling is.  I would not, however, forget that the stew included arrogance and ignorance along with ineptness common to the liberals.  The psuedo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists need to suck it up since they will be facing a long, hard, discouraging year.

Congratulations to Mr. Ducky, and all my Massachusetts cousins, on this small step back into the world of reality.

Send Excess Ice to Hell

Algore’s peeps need ice water. As for here in the Great State of Texas we have more winter than we know what to do with. This is the first non shirt sleeve Christmas that I can remember in many years. I am sure that we will go back to the global warming cycle and this totally anecdotal winter will pass. Algore will be a hero again. The mindless twit sycophants will be falling-in to march lock step to the brave new petroleumless world.