Drunken Sailors Everywhere Heave Sigh of Relief

Drunken sailors have always been hurt over that famous phrase “spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.”  Most sailors will quickly inform you that graduating from the London School of Economics is not a prerequisite for naval service.  They now have hope that a new analogy will take the place of the ”drunken sailor” analogy.

Linguists, and other language insiders, believe that a new analogy is fast approaching on the horizon – “spending other’s money like an ego drunk Obama.”  While many Americans never have understood the drunken sailor principle almost all have experienced the sight of their money taking flight on the wings of hope and change.

Kudos to Barack Hussein for this milestone,  “Obama Shatters Spending Spending Record for First-Year Presidents.”

“Grateful to ‘Gorby'” But Not to Reagan

Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  As one would expect, the left-wing “mainstream” or “elite” news media got it wrong.  Indeed, the account sent around the world by the Associated Press, made no mention at all of the key individual who made it all possible:  President Ronald Reagan with his “peace through strength” massive military build-up including his Strategic Defense Initiative (missile defense program.)  

This was the headline from the Associated Press’ account written by a Kirsten Grieshaber, of the events on Monday in Berlin, Germany, celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall:  “Grateful to ‘Gorby'”; Germans, world leaders remember fall of the wall.”  The AP reporter all throughout her account slobbers all over how the former communist dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev  —  ruler of the country which murdered countless millions of innocent civilians during the communist empire’s 70-year-plus long reign  —  was the hero of Monday’s 20th year celebration… (Read More)

I really liked this story!

Al Gore’s Current TV Calls Sarah Palin a ‘Gun-Ho’ and a ‘TWILF’

These ego-maniacal pseudo intellectuals think they can say or do anything because of their superior intellect and the righteousness of their cause.  Phooey!  A mindless twit is a mindless twit.

On a related note this week I was watching an episode  of “NCIS.”  The agent’s approached a door and before they could identify theirselves a woman fired several rounds through her door.  When they identified theirselves as federal agents the woman opened her door.  One of the agents asked, “who do you think you are?  Sarah Palin?”

There is no escaping the mindless twits.  They are everywhere.  Hollywood, newspapers, government, and most importantly our institutions of higher ignorance where they churn out every day new mindless twits.  Critical inquiry and thinking, hooey!  They wouldn’t know it if it bit their collective arses.

It’s the lawyers, stupid.

You have to admit that whatever you found wrong with George W. Bush you could not accuse him of being a lawyer.  Now Barack Hussein is a whole ‘nother story.  He is a lawyer.  He is a fighter for truth, justice and the American way of life.  Right?

What to do when a good ol’ truth fighter becomes conflicted with pesky campaign promises?  You can only trash so many promises without repercussions.   What if someone were to shout out that you are “liar” in the Congress of the United States?  How bad would that make you feel?

Barack Hussein promised that scoundrel lobbyists would not be welcomed in his government.  But, Barack Hussein needs those rascals and their money, power and influence.  This is not a complex problem for a skilled lawyer who knows how to parse even a single word (think Bubba and “is”!) to their advantage.

Nothing wrong with your bestus friend coming to call.  But, the problem is that your bestus friend, Andy Stern, president of the now powerful SEIU (Service Employees International Union), was a registered lobbyist.  Andy Stern thoughtfully terminated his status as “registered lobbyist,” November 2007 clearing the way for those very special BFF visits.

Barack Hussein has visited with his bestus friend, Andy Stern, in the White House, twenty-two times doing the first two quarters of 2009.  Andy Stern is a twit that twitters.  I really like this one:

“just left White House where group from MoveOn to Chamber of Commerce but mostly progressives had cocktails with Prez and VP”

(https://twitter.com/SEIU_ANDYSTERN, 2/18/09)<  I’m thinking that “progressives” is short hand for pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists, mindless twits, and other assorted mental defectives.


This is a very interesting tale of how 10% of the population (unions) has managed to grab the levers of power over the other 90% of us.  Complete story here:  How Andy Stern Got Around Obama’s “No Lobbyist” Policy; He Just Didn’t Register

Dear Mr. Gonzalez

I want to thank you for your vote on the subject line [Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act of 2009] above.  It was the much needed impetus for my wife, [ModRod], and I to give up our credit cards.  We have decided to not use credit except for our mortgages and an occasional car financed by our credit union.

 We have paid off half of our cards and are on track to pay off all by next fall.  I do not think we would have the will to do this without Washington deciding to micro manage our economy.

 I am sure that you will agree, as a Washington insider, that with totally out-of-control, irresponsible government spending, running the money printing presses without restraint, and China looming in our future with a handful of our worthless debt paper in their hand, [ModRod] and I, have taken a most prudent plan of action to lessen our pain.

 Sir, I do not know how you sleep at night with the roar of the money printing presses in your ears and knowing that the crash is inevitable.  It would be fantastic if you and your congressional colleagues could become involved in some type of twelve step program to overcome y’alls compulsive trashing of the Constitution, out of control spending and the belief in your own invincibility.



 Big Bubba

NOTE to READERS:  If you wonder why you have been receiving so many credit card notices raising interest rates, or, cancelling your card, here is the reason why.  Credit card companies are concerned more about the future impact of the bill than the present.


Robert Oberdorf

Sounds About Right To Me

According to Rasmussen Reports, Sept. 16, Texans turn thumbs-down on Obama’s job performance by 80 percent to 18 percent, with two-thirds of those putting themselves in the “strongly” disapprove category.
I do not personally know anyone in the Great State of Texas who is eager to give up their freedom and our American way of life to the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists.  The real story is that in the 2008 Presidential election the split, of Texas voters, was: McCain 55 percent, Obama 44 percent.
That is a huge turn around in numbers.  It also represents a growing anger at our President who can’t seem to find anything about this country that doesn’t demand an immediate apology to to his foreign constituency.  This past Thursday perhaps as many as 20,000 people rallied in Washington against the anti-Constitutionalists.  Wait.  These crowds are going to hit a hundred thousand at some future rally.  I do not believe that a free people will tolerate an attempt to ram socialism down their throats.

Criminalizing Our Health Care

If you do not purchase a $15,000 health insurance policy from Uncle Sam, Aunt Nancy says she will do things to you including criminal fines of up to $250,000 and imprisonment of up to five years.  Whew, talk about a mean, vindictive, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for?  Never mind.  That is just down right mean.

This is a real threat to our freedom.  A Constitution worshipping, freedom loving person cannot say they would rather sit on the curb and die then submit to that much government control over their lives.  They can only get away with that until the FBI comes to take them, and their freedom, away.

Since the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists have usurped the term “man made disaster” we will have to call this fiasco something else.  How about social terrorism?

Welcome to the socialist utopia.