It Is Never the Free Speech

Breaking news this morning is that a Tennessee Mall has thrown out a vendor who is not in love with the dear leader.  Posted around his mall kiosk were bumper slogans like “SOS: Stop Obama’s Socialism,” “Nobama,” and “Chicago got the party, but the country got the hangover.”  There was also the t-shirt with the international symbol for “no,” the red circle with slash.

This story is so similiar to the previous one about a mall throwing out this type of business it could be a template.  Naturally there were citizens offended by other citizens exercising their free speech and complaints were made.  The mall denied the anti-Obama material was the reason for terminating the lease. Yada, yada, yada.

I will post as soon as I find out information about the ACLU rushing to defend free speech in Tennessee.  Does anyone know of a similiar case involving Bush during his eigth years in office?

Return of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Today, appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Bro Bill (William Jefferson Clinton, former First Prevaricator), was asked whether the right wing conspiracy was still there.  Clinton responded, “You bet. Sure it is. It’s not as strong as it was because America has changed demographically. But it’s as virulent as it was.”

Ask a ridiculous question and I guess you get a ridiculous answer.  Vast right wing conspiracy indeed.  However, perhaps we do need to conspire when our fundamental liberties and rights are being threatened by the forces on the left who would destroy our Constitution and way of life.

I do not believe that we have to wish for Obama’s failure.  His failure has already occured.  His failure is just waiting for a consensous opinion declaring it official.  Our debt is approaching 12 trillion dollars and Red China is our biggest debtor.  That huge debt are the shackles of the American people.  How can we, or our children, be free under the burden of such debt?  Yet Obama is looking for new ways to increase the debt.  Our money is on the fast track to being worthless.

Obama has gone on the world stage and humiliated the American people with his apologies.  Nine months into Obama’s Presidency it seems the apologies will never end.  Obama’s constant appearances on television seem to be nothing less than an attempt to indoctrinate the people.  Indeed there are videos floating around the Internet showing children shamelessly being indoctrinated.

If you are not a conspiracy buff  or vast right wing conspiracy candidates don’t worry.  No need to join.  Step back so you don’t get sucked down when Obama sinks.

Big Bubba Wants to Know

Is it just me?  Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing President Obama’s voice.  I wish someone would invent a device that would automatically mute my television when the President’s voice was detected.  I do not want an override switch.  I think we have already heard what he has to say over and over again.  Enough is enough!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

When discussing lies there has to be a separate discussion of lies and politics.  Politics, that great distortion of reality, often labels lies as great truths and great truths as lies.   Most politicians are familiar with lies since they probably would not be in office without manipulation of the truth.  Manipulation of the truth reminds me most politicians are lawyers.

I must point out that many politicians are at risk to the truth because of their constituents.  Politicians play fast and loose with the truth because their constituents may, or may not be open, to the actual truth.  Candidates of principle can certainly be elected to office.  Unfortunately when facing a manipulator of truth to constituents who do not care for the truth the outcome is predictable. 

Rep.  Joe Wilson called President Obama a liar.  Wilson is a politician.  Does that make him a liar?  The question is actually did President Obama misrepresent the truth?  Those are the basics of the issue.  If it is true that Rep. Wilson is a liar and President Obama was truthful why the swift movement this week to codify illegal immigrants not being included in national health care?  Like that is going to happen. 

Those of you not keeping up should know that the courts have repeatedly ruled that illegal aliens cannot be denied health care.  The courts would undoubtedly rule that any law that denied health care to illegal aliens would be unconstitutional.  I am not against providing health care to stabilize ill illegal aliens prior to rapid deportation to enjoy the benefits of their native country’s constitution.  There is no provision in our own constitution to provide protection to the world at large.  We have our own problems.  Mexico can deal with theirs.

Mr. Gonzalez It is Time to Wake up and Smell the Bluebonnets

I watched President Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress.  It was an impressive event.  Why watching a beaming Speaker Pelosi would have been worth the price of a ticket.  There was one lapse, of course, when Speaker Pelosi scowled at Rep. Wilson.  Who would have ever thought a sitting member of Congress would be rude to the President of the United States during an address to a joint session?

The standing shoulder to shoulder solidarity of support to the President seemed to never end.  The loud applause to expressing approval of a particular point was equally inspiring.  I bet the show soothed many wounded egos and reinforced the sense of righteousness of the cause.

Now that everyone feels good all over it is time to wake up to reality and smell the bluebonnets, Rep. Gonzalez.  There are those pesky constituents and the silliness of democratic expression of opinions at town halls.  You had one.  I know because I was there.  You did not have a majority there supporting you.  You even had a constituent, John David Hall, stand up and say that he would run against you.

When this whole socialized health care, cap and trade, global warming, et al, things go south it is going to take down many elected representatives with it.  The problem is reality.  Reality is a brick wall and the Democrat Party is going at it head on at a hundred miles per hour.  Good luck with that.