Everyone is Speculating

The media is buzzing with speculation about what will happen when the President, Professor Gates, and Sergeant Crowley have that fabled meeting for a beer.  Is it possible for the D.C. police to be called to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or would it be handled internally by White House security?  The problem would be the potential for cover-up if handled internally.  It certainly could be classified as a race riot no matter who does what to whom.  You know that whatever happens it will be most entertaining.

Hussein’s Trillion Dollar Deficit

Hussein last night said that he had inherited a one trillion dollar deficit from President Bush.  Today, at Hussein’s Cleveland Clinic speech he again referred to the one trillion dollar deficit.  That is an interesting take on Hussein’s inheritance.  It is especially since we did not hit that onerous milestone until June 2009 nine months into the fiscal year.  It includes all the money that Hussein has thrown at banks, Government Motors, and sundry other financial crises.  Wh0’s he kidding?  We all know where the budget deficit is going and why.

Today Ford reported second quarter profits of 2.3 billion dollars.  There was still a manageable operating loss for the quarter.  The news here is that the bar has been set very high for the Government car czar and their UAW cohorts.  I don’t have confidence that the Government car czar and UAW could come up with a working skate board.  I do believe that they will be very effective in helping drive the budget deficits to new highs.

Is It My Imagination, or……

Is It My Imagination, or is Hussein on TV, live, more than any other President than I can remember.  What’s that all about?   Usually we criticize our Presidents for spending too much time at Camp David.  I am not saying that Hussein should spend more time at Camp David and less on live TV.  I do think, however, that less time on TV would be beneficial.  For example he would have more time to study this growing czar thing problem before it gets totally out of hand.

We now have 32 czars with a new appointment pending of a “Health Choices Commissioner,” read that as “health choices czar.”  I believe that Hussein is going to experience “span of control” related problems.  An accepted leadership principle is that an effective span of control is 1:10, or less.  Hussein should consider dividing the 32 czars into 4 loosely related groups with a czar in charge of each group.  A czar of czars could then be place in charge of the four czars and report directly to Hussein.

Obviously Hussein could save some salary money if the czar of czars was Vice President Joe Biden.  Problem is that Good Ol’ Joe blew his Ukraine mission by ogling pretty woman rather than keeping his mouth shut and keeping out of mischief.  Word is that Hussein now plans on Good Ol’ Joe’s next mission will be to the Russian Arctic to see if he can find any pretty walruses.  But, I digress.

As I sit here trying to help Hussein formulate some useful czar strategies I hear on my TV that there will be yet another live Hussein news conference tonight.  When faced with a viewing choice of Hussein, Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer I find choosing between Sponge Bob and Dora to be a difficult choice.

Listening to the Most Ignorant Woman in America

I just heard Nancy Pelosi, on a live press conference, talk about the Hussein health care legislation debacle.  Madam Pelosi said that your health care insurance costs would be capped, but, your benefits would not be capped.  She repeated her statement for added emphasis and said something to the effect that it would be a useful change for all.

It is change alright and I know the technical term for that change – bankrupt.  I missed out on my London School of Economics scholarship but there is one thing I know for sure.  Income (insurance cost) has to, at a minimum, equal the cost of benefits.  We flyover hayseeds absolutely know that there is no such thing as a free lunch no matter what nuclear rock surgeons like Nancy Pelosi try to tell the brain dead and pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists.

We normally jail Ponzi scheme artists for extremely long terms in prison.  Unless of course your name is Pelosi, Boxer, Conyers, Boxer, Dodd, Franks, or Rangel and you are a member of Congress.  You then get a free pass to scam taxpayers and voters as much as you want.

California Considers Legalizing Marijuana

California estimates that the state could benefit to the tune of 1.4 billion dollars in revenue if marijuana were legalized.  They probably included the sale of marijuana and and gear.  You can bet it did not include loss of revenue in the workplace when productivity is impacted by increased use of marijuana.  The social engineers complain about lost productivity because smokers have increased respiratory and stay home sick more than other workers.  What!?  That will not apply to marijuana smoke?  Not to mention the increased sick call-ins because of marijuana use.  Dude, I nodded off with my head in the freezer looking for a popsicle and now my nose and ears are frost bitten.

Can anyone in their right mind not see how screwed up California is, and why?  No matter how bad the outcome we always seem to have some politician that wants to try again because they believe that their outcome will be different.

I want someone to pinch me and tell me that this isn’t true.  Government Motors?  National Health Care?  Trillion dollar deficits?  Government control of financial institutions?  All of this has literally left me speechless.  One absolute that I am certain of is that reality is a very, very thick brick wall.  We are headed towards it at a speed of 90 mph and accelerating.  We probably will be 140 mph plus when reality wins again.  Stop the insanity.

Chicken Little Boxer Has Seen the Future

Leading pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracist Sen. Barbara Boxer says that if the Senate doesn’t pass a bill to cut global warming, there will be dire results such as droughts, floods, fires, loss of species, damage to agriculture, worsening air pollution and more.  I might be delirious, but, it seems to me that drought, floods, fires and damage to agriculture have been significant factors of the human condition since the dawn of time.  Loss of species?  First they want us to buy into evolution and survival of the fittest now they want to worry about loss of species?  I do confess that I miss the horned toad, but, Texas is still here.

Personally I hope that the only loss of species will be pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists when American taxpayers are sending more of their hard earned money to Washington than they are taking home.  I can’t stop the taxes, but the taxes can stop the pseudo intellectual progressive liberal demoracists.

Mr. Franken Goes to Washington

Why stop there.  We have been suffering the comedic stylings of Congress for years.  Franken could be the beginning of a trend to replace amateurs with professionals like Chris Rock, Paul Reubens, Janeane Garafalo, Wanda Sykes to suggest just a few.  Let’s not forget the comedic potential of actors with political opinions like Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins or Sean Penn.

What about personalities like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and the many, many clowns of the national media like Maureen Dowd, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olberman?  Obviously they need to stay right where they are.  They are the mainstays of educating and informing the failed products of our public education systems and our institutions of higher ignorance.

I think we could save millions of dollars in government funding to community organizers like ACORN if  we just went ahead and suspended the constitution and allowed The Chosen One to appoint members of Congress of the ilk above.  Obviously citizens of Oklahoma City, Abilene or Wasilla could never be trusted to have the discernment of voting for solid pseudo intellectual progressive liberals needed to take this country to breathtaking new dimensions of shared, but equal, poverty and suffering.

Is it Time for a New National Anthem?

Right on the heels of Hussein’s World Apology Tour it has become obvious that this nation needs a new national anthem.  The lyrics of our current national anthem only creates need for continued apologies.  Rockets, bombs, blood and such is so out of place in this modern age when we have The One capable of bringing peace and harmony to a troubled world with his gigantic intellect, winning smile and pleasing personality.

Why not the classic Who’s Sorry Now?  Uplifting, modern music with really great lyrics.  The lyrics could easily be reworked to express an appropriate degree of national contrition and sorrow for our national misdeeds.  Here’s another thought.  Why not a National Day of Sorrow?  We could replace our day of rockets, bombs, guts and glory, July the Fourth, with a national day of sorrow.  Hair shirts and whips would be optional for celebrants.

The Importance of Honduras

You know that it is serious trouble when a democratic constitutional republic, like the Republic of Honduras, is condemned by the Castros, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and Hussein.  Why are these socialists so fearful about the removal of President Manuel Zelaya??  Isn’t it obvious?  The socialist agenda and goals of anti-democratic elected leaders everywhere in the Americas would be jeopardized.  People everywhere will assume that they can regain the reins of government when their constitution is trashed and the judicial decisions of a state’s supreme court are ignored.

Just because Hussein is trashing the constitution doesn’t mean that he will ignore our Supreme Court.  Does it?